binchotan exfoliating facial puff

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  made in japan using pure vegetable fibres and micro-fine binchotan charcoal powder, the look of this all-natural exfoliating facial sponge when dry is definitely deceiving. just add water for an incredibly soft facial sponge to appear and gently cleanse and exfoliate while the binchotan charcoal gets to work restoring your skins natural ph levels at the same time. 
dimensions: 5cm wide x 7cm high x 2.5cm deep
why we love binchotan charcoal:
from the Kishu region of japan, the detoxifying powers of binchotan charcoal are the end result of burning oak branches at extremely high temperatures for several days and then rapidly cooling them. considered the highest quality of purifying charcoals in the world, binchotan is highly sought after for its natural water filtration properties and ability to absorb chemicals found in our tap water. also used to remove toxins from the skin and capture moisture and odours from the air, binchotan charcoal is a naturally powerful balance restorer for both our bodies and our homes.